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Design Buzz: 
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home staging partner

One of the beautiful things about the word "home" is that it means something different to every person. 

At some point, you may determine that it's time to move on and start making memories in a new home. Before you put your home on the market, think about the home-buying journey from the perspective of someone who holds their own definition of "home."

My approach to professional home staging is to create warm, welcoming, comfortable spaces that spark inspiration for home buyers. I want new buyers to imagine how they could put their own stamp on a home and to feel they are standing in a home that has been well loved and cared for by the current owner. 

Buyers respond more positively to staged homes, often making higher offers in a quicker timeframe. In today's extremely fast-paced realty market, you're sure to reap the benefits from investing in my quick, professional staging services. I welcome your call - reach out today!

Lisa Parker
Founder, Design Buzz